Meet JAANTE with Brinkleywool, Lola Antoine, Monokrome, The Extreme Collection, Graciela Huam and Atbeirut

Meet the first brands that participates at Un-Dress 2019! JAANTE is a Belgian/Swiss multi-brand showroom boutique representing, showcasing and selling top emerging designers, premium labels and sustainable brands. JAANTE builds brand awareness for designers and brands, creating a unique and creative shopping experience for retailers and fashion-forward consumers.

JAANTE is the first attendee of our introduction series, where you meet all the brands participating at Un-Dress 2019 . For this reason, we wanted to take a closer look at their work, vision and themselves.


What was your idea behind the creation of JAANTE?

Launched in 2014 as a fashion platform dedicated to promoting and showcase emerging designers and independent designers giving importance to craftsmanship and slow fashion.

Nowadays, the Belgian/Swiss multi-brand showroom boutique with PR & fashion agents is specialized on representing top emerging designers and sustainable premium labels with eco-friendly values. JAANTE with fashion expertise in Marketing, PR and Sales states: “‘We connect fashion brands with international buyers, boutiques, celebrities, and editorial placements.”

As the founder, I wanted to create a new concept that encompasses two markets: the brands/buyers (B2B) and the consumer (B2C). For the designers and the brands, JAANTE represents a creative community of remarkable talent and for the consumers; it is a premium brand of sustainability.

The fashion industry is one of the biggest waste-producing industries (as the oil industry). At JAANTE, we care about our planet and we do not ignore these startling facts. And we do not want to represent brands who are more focused on earning as much as possible without taking care of the environment.

What is your understanding of fashion?

The past years, trends start to show that more consumers are taking care of the environmental impact of their consumption. Therefore, an increasing number of consumers are switching their habits and lifestyle, starting by caring about recycling, using eco-friendly transportation and fashion consciousness.

For JAANTE representing brands that do not only dress up people but also help in contributing to the slow fashion movement and sustainable fashion trend is very important. Our brands have high eco-friendly ethics, Therefore, most of them use either sustainable fabrics and/or are sustainable in their production line and distribution.

We hope that most of the brands and manufacturers within the fashion industry will take conscious of sustainability and will be forced to change their ways and values soon. Because if this happens there will be a big positive environmental impact.

What do you love from your work?

To be able to represent sustainable brands and products and support customers as a brand promoter and brand ambassador.

As marketers and expert fashion consultants, every season is a new challenge and responsibility. Not only for our own goals as a showroom but also regarding the responsibility to find new emerging brands.

What would you like to tackle in the future, but didn’t get to yet?

Creating a kind of foundation - a platform focus on the industry of arts in showcasing emerging talent with small resources from Africa and the Middle East to Europe. Being the bridge between those artistic cultures.

Being traveling a lot in those continents, and coming myself from mix-race roots, I discovered during my travels so many amazing painters, sculptors and artistic ways of expression. And if I can contribute to be the bridge that will make the world knows about them and helping them with funds to impulse their creativity and works…


We are thrilled to welcome them at Un-Dress 2019!

Brinkleeywool (@brinkleywool) is a sustainable and ethical knitwear brand, launched and founded by two Lebanese sisters, Nisrine and Manal in 2018, with a passion for knitting and crocheting, inspired, adopted and admired by Lebanese culture through generations. Brinkleywool was born out of a mission to tell the story of Lebanese's cultural and craftsmanship heritage through hand knitted design combined with sustainable production excellence.

Established in 2017 in Andorra, Lola Antoine (@lola_antoine_official) is a luxury women’s prêt-à-porter label created by the designer Sara Pagès. The creative vision of Lola Antoine resides in the feminine elegance. Sophistication is key in Lola Antoine’s designs.

Lola Antoine takes special care in the high quality of the used textiles, which are acquired in recognized European suppliers. Each piece is sewn with attention to details and high quality finishes, with a careful selection of accessories. All collections are made in Andorra and Spain.

Creativity, innovation, quality, elegance and seduction are the motto of all the collections of Lola Antoine. Refined, feminine and seductive designs for a woman who inspires confidence, elegance and sensuality.

Monokrome (@monokromeofficial) is an ode to minimalism and classicism, with a touch of quirk!

Designed and made in Bangladesh, Monokrome’s fabric of choice is cotton. And wherever a playful incorporation calls for it, khadi - a hand-woven fabric spun from natural fibres.

Graciela Huam (@gracielahuam) is an ethical fashion label that seamlessly blends Dutch and Peruvian traditions. The bold colours and culture from Peru, combined with the modern, contemporary designs and ideas from the Netherlands.

Graciela Huam’s concept collections are born in the Netherlands and they are designed and manufactured in Peru. Its design is characterized by the unique combination of superb quality, innovative craftsmanship, sustainable lifestyle and traditional techniques handmade of knitwear in Peru, using only the most exclusive raw materials include Peruvian Alpaca, baby Alpaca, and the sought-after Pima Cotton. The results are versatile collections of knitwear, high end craftsmanship pieces in a contemporary and ready-to-wear style.

Its values are founded on respect for nature, universal human rights and economic justice: “We follow the principals of commitment, responsible and sustainable production, using traditional methods in order to achieve quality that is superior to industrially made products. We believe in social respect, education and sustainability for Peruvian communities.”

The Extreme Collection (@theextremecollection) is a company with 100% Spanish capital and a creative and talented team that innovates with materials and patterns for almost 30 years. A combination of rich heritage, exquisite craftsmanship, attention to detail, high quality and professionalism throughout the manufacturing process.

The Extreme Collection concentrates on quality, not trends. They design the garments to withstand the passage of time and enjoy them season after season.

They use environmentally friendly materials with a fair and transparent supply chain: none of what The Extreme Collection sells is made in secret workshops or outside of Spain, where workers' rights are not respected.


ATBEIRUT, a family business launched in August 2018 by Tala Maalouf, - the fashion designer together with her brother Amer and sister-in-law Alessandra Rechsteiner - Co-Founder and  Marketing & Communication Director of the brand. 

AT BEIRUT, a Sustainable Premium brand combining traditional Lebanese craftsmanship with Swiss quality and services. 

ATBEIRUT, a family business launched in August 2018 by Tala Maalouf, - the fashion designer together with her brother Amer and sister-in-law Alessandra Rechsteiner - Co-Founder and  Marketing & Communication Director of the brand. 

AT BEIRUT, a Sustainable Premium brand combining traditional Lebanese craftsmanship with Swiss quality and services. 

ATBEIRUT represents the 3 founders initials and the beautiful city who brought them together. The designs are sophisticated ready-to-wear, with contemporary pieces and effortless elegance.