Meet a simple story

Meet a simple story. A curated concept store and that stands for a stylish and sustainable lifestyle. At a simply story, you will find unique and beautiful products for your home, as well as a fine collection of carefully selected garments, accessories and natural cosmetics.

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We are very happy to welcome Ivana and Andrea, and their brand a simple story at Un-Dress 2019 and are exited to see them participate at our fashion show and pop up stores.

To get to know them a little bit better, Ivana and Andrea, the sisters who founded a simple story as a start up, answered our questions and are now the next ones in our brand introduction series.

What is your understanding of fashion?

Fashion should be fun, inspiring and make everyday more beautiful. At the same time, fashion has many facets that require sustainable action. The whole value chain behind it is part of our society. With every purchase, we influence society and the environment. However, these buying decisions are often unconscious and uninformed. Our goal is to bring more awareness into this decision making process. Therefore, we rely on transparency and ethics throughout the manufacturing process and fairness in cooperation with our partners.

Why does the world need your products? What was the idea behind “a simple story” and who had the idea?

With our product range we want to create a place where the customer can make an informed and conscious purchase decision and thus make a positive contribution. At the same time, our products are cool, fashionable and stylish.

How is the selection process of your products going?

When selecting the products, we pay attention to high-quality workmanship, quality and whether they fit in our philosophy and collection and whether they please our customers. In addition, the function of the products is very important. It must be products for everyday use. So no dust collectors - neither for the wardrobe, nor for the apartment. As much as the aesthetics are close to our hearts, so much is the functionality and meaningfulness of us in terms of sustainability a concern. All products in our assortment are sourced directly from the producers and / or designers, whereby the conscious exchange with them stands in the foreground so that we can ensure fair working conditions and a lasting production


How and where are the products made: manual work, machines, traditional techniques. And who does that exactly?

In compiling our collection, we cooperate with experienced artisans, small family factories and fashion labels that produce sustainable, natural and shapely products with passion and deliberation. We have manufacturers from all over the world in our collection. The local craftsmanship and know-how are incorporated into the design and production. As an example, the block printing technique from India or the traditional shoe craft from Menorca

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What do you love about your work?

We are filled with the search for new products, new ideas, and implement them here and bring them to Switzerland. The contact with the customers as well as the designers makes us the most fun.

What would you like to do, but you have not gotten to do it yet?

We would like to design our own accessories collection.

Working to live or live for work?

We do not have a strict separation between work and life. With a simple story, we have broken new ground and started a heart project. We love our work and in this work we can develop according to our own ideas and contribute to our values.