Today, we focus on KAGINO, another participant at Un-Dress 2019. KAGINO bags combine the promise of uncompromising quality paired with enduring Italian elegance. A KAGINO seeks to emphasize the personality and individuality of its owner. Subtle and understated, it combines aesthetics and functionality in a distinctive manner. A KAGINO is a homage to a confident, vibrant, vivacious woman.


We spoke to Katrin Giordano, founder of Kagino, who answered us some questions for our brands introduction series.

We are thrilled to welcome KAGINO at Un-Dress 2019 and see their designs at our event.

What is special about KAGINO? Great, timeless bag design with sophisticated details, such as the exciting purple interior.

What does the manufacturing process of your bag look like?

The design and the prototypes are created in my studio in Zug. The small series I do with a team at a factory in Florence.

How do you come up with new ideas, is there a ritual?

For me, design is the best part of creating new products. This is primarily fun and curiosity for new solutions - combined with a lot of manual work. A ritual therefore is, at most, taking your time to allow ideas to develop in all directions.

What are your plans for the future?

KAGINO is still a young label and should become better known to all women who love high-quality products.

Why does the world need your bags? What exactly makes it so special?

With a KAGINO bag you are prepared for all eventualities, whether to work, then to a party or at leisure. You always have the perfect companion.

What was decisive for the appearance of your bags: the function or the idea?

Both! Important for the look of our bags is that we like to combine elegance, craftsmanship and functionality.

What materials are used for your bags and why exactly these materials?

Our bags are made of calf leather. Leather has always been used for bags - there is a good reason for that. We use only the best leather quality for our design and therefore pay close attention to the country of origin (France) and the processing of the leather.

How and where are KAGINO bags produced: manual work, machines, traditional techniques and who does it exactly?

We work with a small factory in Florence / Italy, which knows how to sew every bag in the traditional way.

What do you love about your work?

I love the freedom to make decisions in my work, in every area…