Meet Explore Wear


Meet Explore Wear - the mindful fashion store of original and sustainable design. Explore Wear is a fair trade & eco-friendly apparel brand with a mission to empower artisans from Baltic & Scandinavian countries. 

We talked to Agne, who told us more about the brand and what it stands for. We are super excited to welcome explore wear at Un-Dress 2019. So read on, if you want to get to know them a bit better, read on…


What is your understanding of fashion?

I am a huge fan of original style owners and rules breakers who are not following trends. For me fashion is the reflection of personality and the environment. 

Why does the world need your products?

The people need to slow down and think of where their clothing comes from and how it was made. As soon as you start this journey of finding out the "stories behind the labels" you just cannot resist to sustainably made products. 

What was your idea behind the creation of your brand?

We refuse being in the system of Fast Fashion, changing trends and crazy speed. We prefer the beauty of pieces which are dreamed about and made with beliefs, made slowly and in harmony. Our vision is to push the fashion industry in a more sustainable direction and to heighten customer awareness of where the clothing comes from, and how it is made.


Why is your brand special?

We are only one brand in Switzerland working and representing some niche designers from Baltic region. Our products are unique, some of them are only one or two pieces per design. 

How do you get inspired? Is there a certain ritual?

In every process you need different inspiration. In creation of new line-collection inspiration comes from books, nature or sometimes dreams. In the process of selling and representing products inspiration comes from people, from their feedback. Support from my family is my main inspiration.

How and where are our clothes produced: are they handmade, through machines, traditional techniques, and who makes them?

All our products are handmade. For example, our knitted collection - sweaters were hand - knitted by older woman who are working from home. Did you know that to knit one sweater takes around 40 hours of work. After you are finding out that, you are starting to appreciate your clothing more.  All Explore Wear products are produced with respect to people and the environment. 


In retrospect and for the future: what could be done better and where are your brands strengths?

We could be more active on social media to get more known in a local Swiss market. It would be good to improve. Our strengths are: client service - trying to do 100 percent and even more; quality of our products and fabrics.

What do you love from your work?

I love to communicate with our clients, eye to eye telling the idea about our brand, products and vision. I met so many amazing talented people and want to thank to all of them, just because they are and believe in what we are doing.

What would you like to tackle in the future, but didn’t get to it yet? Working to live or living to work?

Living to work. Anyway to get a good result in your life you need to work a bit, it's natural process. The harder you work the more you appreciate results what you are getting. Changes in the market, digital world, social media and etc requires a lot of flexibility, this could be improved all the time.