This is not an April’s fools joke: Animazul is coming to Un-Dress 2019!

Animazul is a Swiss e-commerce platform for Latin American fashion design brands with a story and an impact. 

As usual, we asked the brand a few questions, so that you can get to know them better and read their story!

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What is your understanding of fashion?

Fashion is a personal and cultural expression. We believe that what we wear makes a statement, tells a story. Fashion can, therefore, express who we are and what we want to be, but can also be used as a vehicle for change. With our approach to Slow Fashion, we want to offer an alternative, while at the same time, rescue Latin American craftsmanship, create sustainable income for the people and communities that are producing it and create a more fair and inclusive society. 

Why does the world need your products? 

At we carefully select the brands and products that offer something unique, a beautiful design and tell a story. Most of our products are handmade and therefore unique; they carry on the legacy of Latin American craftsmanship. And we are proud that they have a positive impact on their communities and that through the sale of them, we can also create a positive impact not only in Latin America but also in Switzerland through our partners. I think the world needs a reapproach to the current state of fashion and therefore through wearing our products, our customers are carrying out our mission. 


What was your idea behind the creation of your brand? Why is it special?

On the one hand, we were amazed by the talent that we found in Latin America, the amazing design and the positive impact that fashion brands are creating by partnering with local artisans. Therefore when we started, we wanted to provide these Latin American design brands access to the Swiss market (and hopefully in the future, to the whole DACH region!). On the other hand, we wanted to offer Swiss consumers a Latin American Slow Fashion alternative - one that combines great design with a story and an impact. is a platform where we not only sell products but also tell their story and the impact behind. 

How do you get inspired, is there a certain ritual?

I get inspiration from many places, especially when I travel. Back at home I usually have flashes of inspiration at night. The ritual that works best for me is to sort the idea or inspiration, get up and write it down and go back to sleep. 

How and where are the products on your online-platform produced: are they handmade, through machines, traditional techniques, and who makes them?

All our products are made in Latin America - from Mexico, Guatemala, Colombia, Venezuela to Peru. We are always on the lookout for new brands that match our criteria. All products include a handmade component, and most of them are 100% handmade. Depending on the brand, the people making the products are local artisans (mostly women) who team up with local designers and manufactures to give the finishing touches. We visit each brand so we know exactly who made your clothes, bags or jewellery - so you can ask the question "who made my clothes or jewellery?" without any issue :) 

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In retrospect and for the future: what could be done better and where are your brands strengths?

One is always wiser afterwards, but I think if I could do something different starting out, would be to meet face to face with all my distributors in person before we started working together. Personal relationships, even for an e-commerce business and in the digital era, are key in order to achieve long and lasting business relationships. 

And our brand strength? I believe is that we walk the talk - we believe in what we do and we also act on it. And that we believe in doing good, but first and foremost, we are a business. In order to help other brands and create a positive impact, we need to be successful in the long term. 

What do you love from your work?

I love that I am always learning. We learn from our customers, from our distributors, from the artisans who produce our products and from our network. As a start-up, this is the most rewarding - but also the most challenging! And I love that I get to combine my two passions, fashion and creating an impact. 

What would you like to tackle in the future, but didn't get to yet?

Translate our page to French and keeping up with our German translations to cover most parts of Switzerland and communicate in the local languages. This is something we want to tackle this year. 

Working to live or living to work?

Working to live, but being aware that hard work is necessary to succeed. Nothing comes from nothing.