Meet Andrea Brotschi - Special Guest of Un-Dress 2019

It’s time for another introduction! But not in our usual brand series… no, it’s about a very special guest, that we are proud to welcome at Un-Dress 2019: Andrea Brotschi.


Andrea is a well known and influential Swiss model, that has already participated at the Berlin Fashion Week and counts almost 32k Followers on Instagram.

Before entering the fashion world, Andrea from Solothurn completed a training program in a trust company. Her modeling career began with winning the 3rd place at the Miss Solothurn competition, which introduced her to the professional world of fashion. Now, she is able to work full-time as a model, and has already worked and still works with international brands such as Akris, Hugo Boss, Bulgari, IWC, Missoni, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and many more. Today, Andrea concentrates on the Swiss modeling market, saying that it is more familiar and that particularly the way models care for each other is different from the international modeling world.


Besides her impressive work as a model, her openness and spirit, which she has shown on many occasions and interviews, are unusual for the business, but refreshing. She is not afraid, to talk honestly and openly about the modeling business, as she has shown in the series True Talk (see below) on SRF, and stands for diversity and inclusion.

Andrea writes on her Instagram account, that she is a music-sports-nature and animal-lover, which you can immediately see on her page. Her connection to nature and animals, her openness and her local engagement, make her a model not like any other. She shares common values with Un-Dress, which is why we are beyond thrilled that Andrea is coming to Un-Dress 2019 as our special guest!