Meet Ann&Line

So far, you’ve met 6 amazing brands! But that’s not it yet; there are still more to come. One of them, you’ll meet today… it’s Ann&Line! Ann&Line a feminine brand, elegant with a touch of romance.

Like always, we asked Ann&Line and the designer Caroline a few questions, to get to know them better and look behind the scenes of the brand.


What is your understanding of fashion?

Fashion is a way for me to express myself and to feel good. It's nice to play with fashion and try something new.

Why does the world need your products?

Good cuts, high-quality fabrics and a great wearing comfort are very important to me. I take care of the details with great attention to every single customer.

What is your idea behind the creation of your Ann&Line and your products?

I'm from Paris and since the energy in Paris is unique, I've tried to bring Parisian nonchalance to Zurich. To create a line for a strong and fashion-conscious woman, which can be well worn in everyday life as well as in the evening

Why is your Ann&Line special?

Almost all of the products are made from exclusive fabrics in a small workshop in Paris. Granting sustainability is very important to me.


How do you get inspired, is there a certain ritual?

I take the inspiration from everywhere - from the streets, movies and travel. My main inspiration is my hometown Paris.

How does your manufacturing process look?

First, a prototype is created and if it fits, the final product is produced with the selected fabric.

How and where are your clothes produced: are they handmade, through machines, traditional techniques, and who makes them?

As already mentioned, most of the pieces are made in a small studio in Paris. The T-shirts are produced in Portugal, also in a small studio under the Eco-Tex standards. In Bulgaria the knitwear is made with special machines.


In retrospect and for the future: what could be better and where are your brands strengths?

I try to keep up with the trends, but it is very important to me that the person's personality is the focus. As I intensively respond to my customers and they tell me their wishes and inspirations, I try to take this into account in my collections.

What do you love from your work? What would you like to tackle in the future, but did not get it yet?

Every day I learn a lot. I am fortunate to work with a great team and we exchange and support each other

us. Of course, our goal is to make the brand better known, but most of all enjoy our work

Working to live or to work?

My job is part of my life, but the most important thing in my life is my family.