Meet the next brand in the introduction series: It’s J. Grubenmann! Janine Grubenmann stands for purist high quality fashion from small series with a great emphasis on sustainability and the associated transparency it sets.

We talked to Janine, owner and founder of J. Grubenmann, about her brand and what it stands for.


Why does the world need your Products? What was the idea behind them?

Timeless fashion, for the woman of today, who likes it puristic. Connected to a service that designs to measure order and thus customizable.

How do you come up with new ideas is there a ritual? Or does it happen by itself?

The ideas sprout just like that. Very often after traveling, or experiences, be it political or social. Feeling the pulse of time and to reproduce it.

How is a design process going? How does your product development work?

Normally, a sketch is created, followed by the material search or vice versa. Mostly these two factors are complementary or they set the tone. Then the cut is made, prototypes sewn, changed, newly sewn, etc. Later, the cuts are optimized and forwarded to the studio with production processes.


How and where it is made: Handmade, machines, traditional techniques, and who do what exactly?

Handmade in my own studio, or in a family-run business in Switzerland or Bosnia. And only sewing machines are used.

Looking back and looking ahead, what could be done better? Where are your strengths?

Looking back, things have gone well so far. Steady growth rather than rapid growth brings consistency to a business.

The strengths are clearly in the service, in the personal consultation with me in the studio or in the boutiques. But therefore, no wholesale sales can be generated, as is the case in department stores. But this is anyway not the slogan of Slow Fashion. This is reflected in the retail price. Many customers are though already well informed and respond to Slow Fashion products very well.

What do you love most about your job?

Each piece of clothing can tell a nice story of how it was made and of what materials. You wear the design with pride and it therefore gets absolute value. Of course, I also get, which customers shop which models. Last fall, a high school graduate got her graduation dress in a boutique, where I sell my clothes, donated an outfit by J.Grubenmann from her aunt. She liked it very much and this filled me with great joy.

Working together and mutually exchange and support each other. Of course, our goal is to make the brand better known, but most of all enjoy our work

Working to live or to work?

My job is part of my life, but the most important thing in my life is my family.