Feeling the Monday blues? Here’s a little sneak peak to get you out of there! Meet "We are ZRCL”: the next brand in our introduction series. ZRCL. Circle. Circulation. The cycle of products that are produced and consumed: That's the idea behind Kilian Wigets label. And the fair and sustainable design of this cycle. So in 2014, Kilian founded "We are ZRCL".

So read on and meet Kilian Wiget and ZRCL, and the story behind the brand.


Please describe the form and function of the product as precisely as possible in a few sentences. What makes the product so special?

With ZRCL Swiss Edition, ZRCL launches its own, even more sustainable clothing label. The simple, timeless knit sweater looks very ordinary at first glance, but it really has it all, because it is seamlessly knit from proven bioRe® yarn from Tansania and India in Switzerland. (The projects convince me since the beginning by social commitment and sustainable improvement of the living conditions of farmer families on the ground. I could not imagine a better partner and raw material supplier. The bioRe® quality, longevity and wearing comfort let me stick to this raw material.)This means: no production stages, shorter production routes and regional value creation thanks to Swiss production.


What is ZRCL's special story?

From the beginning on, it has been my goal to have everything produced in Switzerland because I strive for the most sustainable, fair, ecological and regional clothing production possible. The ZRCL screen prints and embroideries are also produced in Switzerland since the beginning.

Why do you make your products and why does the world need them?

For me, top priority of my own consumption is to favor the regional and national economy. With ZRCL Swiss Edition I would like to give something back to the Swiss textile market and can now also offer this regional added value with my own products. ZRCL Swiss Edition is aimed at consumers who want to support their own economy and thus stand for local production.

What is there to say about the form and what influence does the function have on it?

As with all our products timeless design and simple cut are in the focus.


What are the manufacturing challenges of ZRCL?

In the development, implementation and / or suggestions for improvement of new cuts, shapes and patterns I can fully rely on the experience of my producer, the Traxler AG, they support me very much. A big responsibility lies with the technical staff of the machine park, which ensures that production runs smoothly and at the highest quality.

What could be done better, that is, where are your weaknesses? Where are your strengths?

ZRCL is still a one-man business, therefore, when designing and designing a new collection, time feels twice as fast, so you have to admit, besides the daily business, that keeping appointments and maturing a product is not always easy when you're on your own, creating the products. That's why I'm looking forward to further cooperation with my current producers. Together, we continue to develop to make ZRCL even more sustainable.

Source: Criterion,