Meet Karen Fleischmann - Special Guest of Un-Dress 2019

The cat is already out of the bag (maybe you’ve noticed it on our Instagram account): Meet our next special guest of Un-Dress 2019: Karen Fleischmann!

Pictures by Karen Fleischmann (IG: )

Pictures by Karen Fleischmann (IG:

When we were thinking about who we would like to welcome as a Special Guests to Un-Dress 2019, Karen was one of the first names that immediately popped up in our minds. Karen is a Swiss model, influencer, business woman, activist and ambassador for sustainable living and fashion.

Karen started modeling in her early twenties. In 2005 she participated at the Miss Schweiz competition, got a contract at a model agency and started an international modeling career. That’s also, when she realized, how clothes are produced and that from now on, she only wants to represent brands that she can stand for.

Today, she has also made herself a name as an influencer, who counts more than 105k followers on Instagram. She uses this platform to promote topics that she cares about, such as sustainability in the fashion industry. Her message is #rewear, and don’t give into fast fashion.

In 2016, she invested her free time to connect with sustainable designers and to promote sustainable fashion on her social media accounts.


So, she founded “bcozwecare” in 2017, to connect likeminded people and brands with sustainable products. What started as a simple Instagram page, soon began to grow and is now an authentic distributer for ethical designers, beautcians etc. On her site bcozwecare she says: “Faster, higher and more has achieved its peek.  I felt it was time to make a change in the fashion industry. “ We couldn’t agree more. In her interview with friday magazine ( she claims, that sustainability is sexy and that it’s the dawn of a new fashion era, which is exactly what we want to proof as well.

So, all in all, it was natural, that we invited her and are beyond thrilled that we can welcome her at Un-Dress 2019!