Exclusive: Model Interview with Karina Repko

Within this series we are going to introduce some of our unique models of Un-Dress 2019. The first model we are going to introduce is Karina Repko, a Bachelor student at the University of St. Gallen.


Model Profile

Name: Karina Repko Age: 19 Originally from: Ukraine Instagram: karina.repko

Our first Model within this series is Karina Repko. Currently, she is studying at the University of St. Gallen. She has already gained several experiences while working as a Model and is a successful instagram influencer. On social media platforms, Karina is known for her great fashion style and her traveling adventures.

Karina Beach.jpeg

For the beginning we start with some easy questions. We are always following your stories and post on Instagram and we love your posts while traveling. What is your favorite place to be while traveling? Siargao, a surfer spot in the Philippines

While having some spare time, how does a perfect day with your friends look like for you? Do some shopping together with friends, go for dinner & having some drinks while having nice conversations and discussions.

Be honest Karina - at night in front of the fridge: Keep it closed or enjoy some ice cream? Enjoy some ice cream.

Karina Repko .jpeg

You only have ten minutes until your date. What are you going to wear? Ankle boots, a black body, black jeans, rings, necklaces and a nice coat 

Favorite piece of clothing or accessory you own? I think my rings and my sun necklace

With whom would you like to change your wardrobe? Taylor Lashae 

What is your beauty secret? Nutrition and products from Kiehl’s! I use a lot of creams, face wash and cleanse products from them.


Do you have a favorite model? Puh, I do not really have a favorite model but if I had to choose, I would go for Irina Shayk or for Taylor Lashae. I can not really explain why but e.g. Taylor has a specific vibe that she creates and is able to present.

The most exciting shoot you've done? A campaign for boutique risqué

Thank you very much Karina, for taking the time to have a short chit-chat with us. We are looking forward to see you at Un-Dress2019 on Wednesday, 17th April.