Exclusive: Model Interview with Qëndrim Morina

Within this series we are going to introduce some of our unique Models of Un-Dress 2019. We are happy to introduce also one of our male models Qëndrim Morina, a Bachelor student of the University St. Gallen.


Model Profile

Name: Qëndrim Morina Age: 21 Originally from: Kosovo (Albanian) Instagram: qemmorina

To get to know you a little bit better, we start with some easy questions. What is your favorite place? The sea!! Big cities and metropoles such as London, NY and Istanbul.

How does a perfect day with your friends look like? A sunny and relaxed day at the beach or close to a lake, main things are: outside and being active.

What are your passions beside modeling? Especially, different kind of sports like soccer, swimming or gym but I am also interested in politics, international relations and reading.


What are your favorite spots in St. Gallen? The B Mensa! But also my shared flat, homeparties and Trischli

What is your biggest fear? Sometimes, to disappoint close people.

Coming up to the topic of sustainability. What does sustainability means to you? To care about the environment on a daily basis like disposing your trash correctly or saving water while taking a shower.

What do you think is special about Un-Dress? The environment is a big issue for you and you use sustainable clothes. The models are all students.

Thank you very much Qëndrim, for taking the time to have a short chit-chat with us. We are looking forward to see you at Un-Dress 2019!