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Kim Poldner

The Founder

‘Fashion is all about expressing your identity and is thus a topic close to people’s hearts. It is a great vehicle for having a conversation about sustainability, not only within the university, but far beyond. Un-Dress shows that sustainable can be beautiful and that it’s possible to wear your values on your sleeve’.

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Social, economic and ecological issues are becoming increasingly important in today's world and are strongly shaping our future.

Thus, the fashion industry has to change as well.
Un-Dress offers a young and dynamic platform, with the core message that sustainable fashion is not a compromise between trend and responsibility, but a combination of the last.

The event brings consumers together with designers and experts from the industry, creating a platform that inspires, informs and educates.

During the year, Un-Dress organises various speaker-events, workshops and also a clothing-swap for the sustainable fashion community at the university and everyone, who is curious to gather more knowledge.

In the moment, the team consists of 34 students, who engage in the organization of the club.


When Kim Poldner was finishing her PhD at the HSG, Dokter Vater remarked ‘It’s such a pity that dissertations end up in the library and have little real-world impact’. This motivated Kim to initiate and realize the very first edition of Un-Dress in 2012, named after her dissertation 

‘Un-Dress – Stories of Ethical Fashion Entrepreneuring’.

Fast forward to 2022 and Kim serves as Professor Circular Business at The Hague University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands. She is grateful and proud that oikos has adopted Un-Dress and has developed it into a well-known annual event ever since.

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